Juice Pharm is a cafe and juice bar in Downtown Duluth dedicated to serving healthy, fresh-made and locally-sourced food and drinks. Our 100% plant-based and gluten free menu focuses on cold-pressed juices, refreshing smoothies, fruit-filled açaí bowls and globally-inspired specialty foods.

We are a proud women-owned, family-run and forward-thinking business. We strive to work closely with local farmers, bakers, artists and others in the community while creating a welcoming space that inspires, cultivates and encourages.

Juice Pharm is owned by longtime friends Giselle and Desiree Jenkins. Having previously worked together in juice bars across Hawaii and Southern California, the two dreamed of sharing this taste with the Midwest.

Juice Pharm was born in 2014 when Giselle began delivering fresh-pressed juices to those in the Duluth community with limited access to nutritious meals. Desiree soon joined and together they opened their first storefront, which quickly became a local hotspot for healthy food.

Over the years, Giselle and Desiree passed this responsibility to their employees, allowing our community to grow larger, quicker. We are full of gratitude for all of our family members, managers, staff, business partners and supporters in the community.

Each of you has had a profound contribution to the success of our journey. Thank you for sharing your talents, memories and love with us!

Juice Pharm is a cafe and juice bar in Downtown Duluth serving 100% plant-based and gluten free food with a focus on healthy, fresh-made and locally-sourced ingredients.

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