01. Energy (12oz)

Cucumber, Green Apple,
Kale, Lemon, Parsley
& Ginger

02. Gold Tonic (12oz)
Oranges, Carrots,
Pineapple, Green Apple,
Lemon & Fresh Turmeric

03. Detox (12oz)
Beets, Carrots,
Green Apple, Lemon,
& Ginger
04. Lean Green (12oz)
Cucumber, Celery,
Pineapple, Kale,
Parsley & Lemon

05. Immunity (12oz)
Ginger, Lemon, Green
Apple & Cayenne

06. Relax (12oz)
Cashews, Dates,
Vanilla, Cinnamon,
Cardamom, Nutmeg &
Himalyan Pink Salt

A juice cleanse is a great way to give your body a rest and let it absorb the variety of concentrated nutrients in our juices. Every day, our bodies are inundated with toxins from processed food and polluted food sources. Your body and digestive system are constantly working hard. The end result? A sluggish digestive system, physical and mental exhaustion, low energy levels, and developing addictions to sugar, sodium, and caffeine.

The concept is simple: remove the bad and replace it with pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Some of the amazing benefits you get from a juice cleanse are increased digestive function, increased energy levels, stronger immunity, improved skin and hair, and enhanced mental clarity. 

Juice Pharm is a cafe and juice bar in Downtown Duluth serving 100% plant-based and gluten free food with a focus on healthy, fresh-made and locally-sourced ingredients.

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